The Cold Life


"One recent study in EXPLORE notes the association of winter sea bathing with lower levels of stress and higher overall well-being."
"Repeated exposure to cold water stimulates production of the infection- fighting white blood cells that defend your body against common illnesses."
"Cold water immersion is safe to do for all types of people, and you don't need to be an elite athlete to try to reap the feel-good benefits."

Meet Some Trusted Cold Lifer’s

Hear from some of our 150+ happy customers across the country!

Jewlianna Ramos

Professional Stunt Actress

Travon Walker

NFL 2022 #1 Draft Pick

James Chitty

CEO of Talon Air

Jeff LoVecchio

Retired Pro Hockey Player

Evan Engram

Professional Football Player

Shaquan Parson

Martial Artist

Joe De Pace

Loud Luxury

Heart & Soil

Supplement Brand

Donald Brady

Josh Allen

ReinventU Gym

Union Fit Hub

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