Our Story

In 2022, Kyle, Sam and Alex, all deep-spirited entrepreneurs & partners, were in search of a new spark energy. We had all tried cold showers before, but never total immersion. After scouring the market for a solution, we landed on a plastic tub and some ice to jump start our day. The results were incredible, and our passion & excitement for our new found energy was contagious.

BUT....After a few uses, we were out of pocket $150 in ice due to the lack of insulation, and felt like there had to be a better way. We had tried sessions in tubs at local wellness locations, but didn’t feel the same excitement with the “laying down” experience. A question arose, “We like the vertical style plunges, but it’s lacking clean water and insulation; What’s the best way to insulate something?” Naturally, we all thought of our custom tumbler mugs we used daily! That conversation took place 1 year ago in 2022, and after a long hard journey of product development with the best engineers, designers, and specialists in the country, we bring you, The Cold Life Plunge.

Our mission is to create a brand where cold plunging and culture meet, where cold plunging becomes as common as getting a workout in! To accomplish such a big mission, we knew we couldn't outsource the design, engineering or manufacturing overseas; which is why our plunges our proudly made here in America. We hope you share in our vision by helping us bring cold plunging to you & your community!


Meet the Founders

Sam Maxwell
Kyle Ponton
Alex Hardy