Product Agreement - Disclaimer


PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR COLD LIFE PLUNGE. By purchasing your plunge, you are confirming that you have read this page and agree to its terms.

Your plunge is hand-made here in America. Due to the nature of how our plunges are made, your plunge may have small blemishes or defects. This includes but is not limited to minor wavy effects in the steel, flat spots on the cylinder, small dents or imperfections in the steel, color blemishes, visible weld lines, or areas that may not be fully insulated. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to, or call us. We will gladly help remedy a solution if your plunge is damaged excessively, however the determination of said damage is made in sole discretion of a The Cold Life representative. The Cold Life LLC is not responsible for any damage caused by mis-handling or misuse of any products purchased on our website. A chargeback for any of the above reasons will be disputed and shown this clause.

Please review the specifications of our plunge and ensure it will fit in your desired location. Your plunge must be placed in an area that can support the weight of up to 1200 lbs excluding any other objects or bodies. The Cold Life LLC, it’s affiliates and owners are not responsible for mishandling or misuse of your plunge in any way. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the plunge is set up in a safe area. The Cold Life LLC is not responsible for any bodily injury or harm caused by the use of any products purchased on our website. By purchasing any of products, you are acknowledging & accepting the risk of these products which may lead to severe injury or death in some cases. It is important you consult with a medical professional before you use our products. Please read our waiver for further details and contact us if you any questions.